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Jeffrey Sawyer, MD, PA Saint Louis Park  
  Adult & Addiction Psychiatry/Holistic Psychiatry/Psychotherapy/Medication Management/Hypnosis/EMDR/HeartMath/Geriatric Psychiatry/Forensic Psychiatry/IMEs and Impaired Health Professional Evaluations.
Deborah Simmons, PhD, LMFFT Minnetonka
  Private mental health/mind-body oriented clinic
Selma Sroka, MD Minneapolis  
  Family practice
Thomas Sult, MD St. Cloud
  Family medicine, functional medicine, holistic medicine
Carolyn Torkelson, MD, MS Minneapolis    
  Integrative and Holistic medicine; Family Medicine
David von Weiss, MD Edgan  
  Family practice
Karen Vrchota, MD Winona
  Integrative medicine
Kevin Wand , DO Bloomington  
  Family practice