Physicians/Specialty Location Phone Email Www
Sheri Lofton, MD Cottage Grove    
  Family Medicine
David Alter, PhD Minnetonka
  Private mental health/mind-body oriented clinic
Linda Auleciems, MSN, ANP Cottage Grove    
  Women's Health
Carol Austin, DDS Minnetonka
  Cosmetic Denistry and Comprehensive Dental Care
Stephanie Belseth, MAN, CPNP Bloomington  
  Holistic Pediatrics/Functional Medicine/
Catherine Boglolub, MD, MS St. Paul
  Health Coach and Nutritionist
Carolyn Bowles, MD    
  Rheumatology, arthritis, osteoporosis
Robert Bruley, MD, DC, ABHM Minneapolis
  Functional medicine, integrative and holistic medicine